By-Laws Committee

Committee Chair - Harry Schlegelmilch
The Committee on By-Laws shall be familiar with all existing By-Laws. That Committee shall offer its interpretation of existing By-Laws to the Board of Directors when any proposed action by the Board of Directors or any Committee implicates any By-Law provision. The Committee on By-Laws shall review and report on any proposed changes to the By-Laws prior to their submission to the Board of Directors and shall keep an accurate record of all amendments or changes to the By-Laws, including text and the dates of official votes thereon, in the By-Laws Committee Log Book. The By-Laws Committee shall be watchful for any By-Law inequities or impracticalities that should be rectified and shall report every two (2) years on the state of the By-Laws and their practical effects to the Board of Directors.


LSA By-Laws Final Fourth Amendment 26 October 2022.docx



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