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Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
- Benjamin Franklin, Nov.11, 1775

Please visit our Events page to see the various club activities in upcoming months.

Next general members meeting is August 24th, starting at 7:30.
Attendance prize is $350. Which means up to 7 names will be drawn.
Don't forget you have to be present to win.

As discussed at the July General meeting, we will be voting on raising the dues to help offset the growing costs of keeping the club running. Proposed is to raise Regular Member dues from $50 to $65, Seniors and Juniors from $20 to $30 and Kids from $5 to $10 .
According to our by-laws the next opportunity to raise dues will be a year from now! Nobody likes to spend more money, but check out other clubs in Central Mass; even with these proposed increases we're still the best deal around!

We're holding a combined Rifle & Pistol Fun match on September 11th starting at 9am.

We'll shoot the rifles in a mini “Rattle Battle!” – {Kinda like they do at Camp Perry} 4-person teams shooting at 6 NTIT silhouette targets at 100 yards.
Get 3 buddies & form a team, or we can form pick-up teams at the match. Shoot in any unsupported position you like – prone, sitting, kneeling, standing, or sitting at the bench for the old guys – slings OK in all positions – no bipods or benchrests.

Cost $10. First relay starts at 9 am.

Coming on September 12th, 14th,17th and 19th, a Basic Hunter Safety course here at the Leominster Sportsmen's clubhouse.

The course is NOW AVAILABLE out on the Mass Fish & Wildlife website or call To Enroll at 508-389-7830. Don't delay, the seats will fill up quickly.

So you think you're some kind of hot shot athlete!

Come check out our Biathlon Trail ; running and shooting will humble the best of us!

Click here for the Gun Shop or above in the menu bar and check out what's on hand for firearms and supplies!

The LSA hall is available for rental to members and non-members alike.

Reservations must be made at least one month in advance by submitting a Hall Reservation Request.

  • The LSA hall may be rented in four-hour increments
  • The LSA hall has a maximum occupancy of 120 people
  • Rental includes use of the hall, tables, and attached deck
  • A cash bar (with bartender) is available for an additional fee
  • If kitchen facilities are required, please contact the kitchen committee chairman prior to submitting your reservation request



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